HPCBIOS_05-01: Multiple-Version Software Policy


A minimum set of versions of open source and third party software are recommended at all HPCBIOS compatible sites.

  • BC Policy: HPCBIOS_05-01
  • Date of Policy: 2012-12-15
These versions are:
  • A primary production version; (MUST)
  • A previous production version, for validation and verification purposes; (SHOULD)
  • Beta or Release-Candidate version to be made available within first month of that release. (MAY)

These three versions MAY vary by package and system, yet users SHOULD have the ability to test newer versions as they become available and still have access to production versions. No attempt/effort will be made to force vendors/upstream providers to provide three versions.

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The primary concern of this policy is that, when a new production version of a package is being deployed at an HPC site it SHALL NOT disturb the existing userbase. It remains at site’s discretion to decide which version is the current default yet, it SHOULD still allow at least one previous production version to serve gracefully users who have incompatibilities with newer software and, also allow for testing in advance.